Tulsa Youth Symphony

Audition Information for the 2017–2018 Season

Musicians from all over northeastern Oklahoma are selected by audition in mid-May each year. Successful auditionees are assigned to one of Tulsa Youth Symphony's three orchestras. We welcome new members!

Whether or not you've auditioned in the past, you will need to read this page and the links below to learn how auditions will be handled this year. Being in Tulsa Youth Symphony is both an honor and an obligation– learn about membership and auditions before you apply.

  1. Do you play one of the instruments used by Tulsa Youth Symphony?
  2. Do you meet the eligibility requirements?
  3. Which orchestra might be the best fit for me?
  4. What will your audition be like?
  5. If you've read about eligibility requirements, best fit and audition requirements, you are ready to decide which orchestra you would like to audition for
  6. When and where are auditions?
  7. Find out your audition time and excerpts here, (to be published here May 16, 2017).
  8. Have you read the most recent Student and Parent Handbook to understand TYS policies, fees and expectations?
  9. Complete the online audition application by May 12, 2017 to receive first-come, first-served preferential scheduling. Credit or debit card is required. If you do not have a card, please contact Laura.Peterson@tyso.org to make other arrangements. Late applications & fees will be accepted May 13–19, but will incur an additional $15 fee.